About Me

Hi.  I have been crafting nearly my whole life.  I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I adore my family.  I am also a Christian and I love Jesus.  He is the one who has set me free from so many negative things.  My loving husband is the one who led me to Jesus and has facilitated this Extravagant Romance with my Savior.  That makes Mr. Loving (my hubby) the 2nd most important person in my life.  He is always encouraging in whatever project I may be involved.

I love sharing crafting time with my kids and grandkids whenever I can.  More fun has been had around our little kitchen table making clay sculptures, beads, scrapbook pages, cards, jewelry, etc.  The memories are priceless.

Now I hope to share my crafting table with you as well.  The only thing better than blogging about it all would be if you could join me in my kitchen and craft with me.  How delightful that would be!

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